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                               About Us

     Moran, 31 and living in Tel-Aviv. 
    Artist, funeral photographer.

    The idea in creating 'Olamot' was born out of a personal experience.  Five years
    ago I lost my mother.  Seconds before arriving at the cemetery, I had asked two
    friends to document her funeral. The bereavement had become part of my
    present, and those photographs became a kind of therapy; a personal tool for
    dealing with the loss and her departure, all the while a memory of her last

    The deep significance and the feeling of the importance of those photographs for
    myself, led me, a few months later, to document my first funeral.
    For me, documenting a funeral is creating a story.  A grouping of moments and
    situations that encompass a family story, a story of friendship, kinship, memories,  
    nostalgia, history and love.  In my work I adhere to a presence that isn’t felt or
    prominent, and I emphasize on creating a personal story with an artistic touch.
   A story that catches a real, unforgettable moment.  A unique experience that
                                   cannot  be repeated.

I invite you to give me the trust in delivering this personal and professional service—in creating a souvenir from those moments as you bid farewell to your loved ones.
A moment to cherish in your heart, and in your memory.
A moment to give to those who could not be present, and those who have yet to exist.
Photographed worlds – 'Olamot'.