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Olamot (Worlds)

 'Olamot' is about documenting funerals with artistic photography.
A memory of a mosaic of people, moments, feelings and emotions that encompass this significant moment in our lives.

We are used to document only the happy moments of our lives.'Olamot' was created with the deep
understanding that the loss of loved one, the mourning and the pain are an integral,significant and powerful part of it as well. 
And as such, it is important to also keep them as part of our memories

Documenting the funeral is a life-long souvenir, both as a tool in dealing with the loss,
and also as a mean for memorializing and commemorating our loved ones.

'Olamot (which means worlds in Hebrew) integrates varied worlds- the world of the deceased and the world
of those that remain.
The world of family, friends and acquaintances,  A world of tradition, society , culture and Art.

A glance to so many worlds in one photograph...